"Armed" robber subdued with a frying pan

San Antonio, Texas - It sounds like something out of a cartoon, but that's allegedly what happened to this thief who tried to break into an apartment and rob the people inside at gun point.

A robber with a toy gun is no match for a brave soul with a frying pan (stock image).
A robber with a toy gun is no match for a brave soul with a frying pan (stock image).  © 123RF/ lightfieldstudios

According to the police, the robber's activities began on Tuesday around 12:32 AM on Cinnamon Creek Dr. in San Antonio.

As CBS Austin reported, the suspect allegedly walked up to a man on the street and demanded his wallet and phone by pulling a gun on him.

The suspect's first robbery was successful.

Not long after, the robber tried to step up his game about half a block away by kicking in the front door of an apartment and taking what was inside.

One of the potential new victims noticed something the first victim did not: the weapon the suspect was using to threaten them was fake. It was a toy gun!

The potential victims sprung into action. One of them hit the robber on the head with a frying pan, which did, in fact, subdue him. They then pinned him on the floor until the police arrived.

In this case, the scene did, indeed, resemble a cartoon: the gun was fake, and the robber was stopped in his tracks after getting hit on the head with a frying pan.

Cover photo: 123RF / Lightfieldstudios

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