Cause of death revealed in Instagram model Alexis Sharkey's mysterious case

Houston, Texas – Early Saturday morning on November 28, a Houston city employee made a grisly discovery. Alexis Sharkey was found dead on the side of a road just a few miles from her home. The shocking truth behind the influencer's death has now been revealed.

Alexis Sharkey (†26) had 72,900 followers on Instagram (collage).
Alexis Sharkey (†26) had 72,900 followers on Instagram (collage).  © Screenshot/Instagram/alexissharkey

According to the Houston Chronicle, Sharkey was strangled. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences ruled the 26-year-old's death a homicide.

The case caused a stir from the very beginning because her death seemed very suspicious. Sharkey was found naked, but her body had no visible wounds.

On the evening of Friday, November 27, she appears to have left the house on foot after having an argument with her husband. Sharkey was planning to visit friends, but she never arrived at their home.

Things had not been going well between the Instagram model and her husband Tom, and Alexis had filed for divorce.

The woman's mother and of her some friends suspect Tom may have had something to do with the murder.

Police have not yet made a preliminary arrest or charged anyone, she said.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/alexissharkey

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