Three dead and two injured in Kenosha bar shooting

Kenosha, Wisconsin - At least three people were killed overnight Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, at a bar popular with local college students, according to police.

Victims of the shooting are still being identified.
Victims of the shooting are still being identified.  © Screenshot/Twitter @RacineCoNews

Police responded to Somers House Tavern just before 1:00 AM and found multiple gunshot victims, according to the Kenosha Police Department. Three people were declared dead and two others hospitalized with "serious injuries."

A suspect, described as a Black man over 6 feet tall and wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt, is still at large.

"We do not believe there is threat to the community at this time," Sergeant David Wright said in a statement, calling the shooting a "targeted and isolated incident."

Victims are still being identified, including their names and ages.

Sheriff David Beth said at a news conference Sunday morning that officials have not ruled out the possibility of more than one gunman.

"I don't know if the gunman was known to the victims, but I currently believe that the gunman knew who the victims were," he said. "Whether the victims knew the gunman, I don’t know that."

Somers House Tavern is frequented by students from Carthage College, whose campus is less than half a mile down the road, according to Kenosha News.

A Facebook page for the bar advertises nightly events including beer pong and karaoke, as well as Jolly Rancher shots and $1 Long Island iced teas.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter @RacineCoNews

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