Best friends joke about being sisters all the time until a DNA test blows their minds

New Haven, Connecticut -These two women met at work and quickly became best friends. But then things took the kind of twist that you normally only see in soaps: a DNA test proved they're actually sisters!

These two best friends who referred to themselves as "sisters" are in fact related!
These two best friends who referred to themselves as "sisters" are in fact related!  © screenshot/ Facbook Cassandra Raquel Madison

Julia Tinetti (31) and Cassandra Madison (32) met in 2013 when they were both working at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut, according to a Facebook post by Cassandra.

She wrote: "We become friends, start wearing matching clothes, having a blast together and telling everyone, 'We're sisters.'"

The two became friends when Julia noticed that, like her, Cassandra had a tattoo of the Dominican Republic flag.

Not only did the two women have matching tattoos, they had both been adopted from the Dominican Republic as children.

As People Magazine reported, these similarities inspired the two to compare their adoption papers. The documents didn't match up, but Cassandra was still convinced that the two were related.

Meanwhile, Cassandra continued her search for her birth parents. "For me, it's always been, 'I'm going to find these people if it's the last thing I do,'" she told People.

In 2021, Cassandra finally found her birth father thanks to a 23andMe DNA test. She went to the Dominican Republic to meet him and he told her something that made her rush back to Julia with a DNA test: her birth parents had given up a second baby!

Cassandra was able to convince her best friend to take the DNA test and – lo and behold – the two really are sisters!

"Same mom, same dad ! Just two girls who happen to work together find out they're sisters. I love you twin!" Cassandra wrote in her emotional Facebook post.

The two think that Julia's papers may have gotten mixed up with her childhood friend's, which would explain why comparing papers didn't prove that they were related. Luckily for them, a DNA test filled in the gap and confirmed their incredible familial connection.

Cover photo: screenshot/ Facbook Cassandra Raquel Madison

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