Woman's chocolate bar is full of creepy crawlies

Binningen, Switzerland - In Switzerland, a woman bought a bar of Lindt dark chocolate with nuts from a discount grocery store on Friday. When she tried to eat some of it three days later, she was shocked at what she found.

Most people don't want to find bugs in their sweet treats (stock image).
Most people don't want to find bugs in their sweet treats (stock image).  © 123rf.com/Marcin Jucha

On Sunday, her husband opened the package and ate a piece of the chocolate. He complained about the "strange taste" but he put the bar back in the fridge without taking a closer look.

As the Swiss website 20 Minuten reports, when the woman went back to unwrap the chocolate completely, what she saw made her scream – the chocolate was wriggling and writhing with white larvae!

The woman went back to the store on Monday to complain. Instead of a refund, she was offered a consolation gift: "a pack of chocolate bars pressed into her hand." 

A company spokesperson later claimed that the complaint had been taken seriously and the woman had been treated with courtesy even though she did not have a receipt with her.

Manufacturer says there are no problems with its chocolate

Employees at the store checked other bars of the same chocolate brand for more bugs, but didn't find any creepy crawlies. On top of that, no other customers made any similar complaints. This made it hard to pinpoint exactly what had happened.

In a statement, the chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli said: "Fortunately, such cases rarely occur. This means they are individual cases. Our chocolate products must meet very high quality and safety standards. An infestation in our production or supply chain can thus be excluded."

It added, "As soon as our products reach the retail market, Lindt & Sprüngli has no further control over the conditions, length, and quality of storage at store level or at the consumer's homes."

How these bugs got in the woman's chocolate remains a mystery. It could have been during transport or in storage, but maybe she should check her fridge to. 

Cover photo: 123rf.com/Marcin Jucha

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