Getting snotty with it: New TikTok trend has people shoving garlic up their nose

USA – People are trying out a new hack to beat the common cold on TikTok that has doctors shaking their heads.

TikTok user Rozaline Katherine tested out the garlic clove hack for her followers.
TikTok user Rozaline Katherine tested out the garlic clove hack for her followers.  © Collage: Screenshot / TikTok / rozalinekatherine

If your first thought when your sinuses are blocked isn't to stuff an herb up your nose, you're not alone.

Yet, TikTokers far and wide are shoving full cloves of garlic up their noses in an effort to drain them out and regain the ability to breathe easily again.

Though it's difficult to pin down who started the trend, it's impossible to ignore the hack's bizarre viral existence on the internet.

TikTok user Rozaline Katherine tried the hack on for size on June 20, and the results were eye-opening – and slightly disgusting.

The video starts with Rozaline peeling full cloves of garlic as an on-screen caption reads, "Saw on TikTok if you put garlic in your nose it unclogs your sinuses."

After the daredevil inserted the spice and waited 15 minutes, it was time for the moment of truth.

When Rozaline removed the garlic from her nose, an alarming amount of mucus flowed out of her nose, as she captioned the clip with, "It workssss [sic]. Like really works!"

The video has amassed 4.6 million views so far, with a plethora of people jumping on the bandwagon to give the hack a try.

Solidifying the results

Rozaline Katherine showed off the end results of her experience with the latest TikTok trend.
Rozaline Katherine showed off the end results of her experience with the latest TikTok trend.  © Collage: Screenshot / TikTok / rozalinekatherine

While the TikTok results have been impressive, not everyone is convinced this lifestyle hack is safe and everything it's chalked up to be.

A TikTok user named Addy commented on Rozaline's video, pointing out a potential flaw of the DIY trend – and offered up a better solution.

"It's going to irritate it. Just cut it up and keep it next to your pillow," Addy wrote of an alternative garlicky idea.

Another user also advised against the hack, commenting, "Don't do this! You can get even more sick from getting rid of the good [bacteria]!"

According to health experts, their concerns are extremely valid.

In an interview with TODAY, Dr. Emily Durkin, a pediatric surgeon at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, explained that what many believe to be signs of the garlic working its magic – such as an excessively runny nose – might actually be a sign of damage.

"Trauma to the mucosa or irritation to the mucosa actually increases a runny nose,” Dr. Durkin said.

She continued that while people have historically thought garlic has immense medicinal value, it doesn't mean it's true.

“I am not surprised that this is something that people thought might be helpful. But it’s definitely not helpful.”

The main fear from medical professionals is the potential to get a garlic clove lodged in your nostril, causing even further medical trauma.

Whether or not you try this hack out when your next cold strikes is up to your discretion. But if you do opt to give it a go, do so with the utmost caution.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot / TikTok / rozalinekatherine

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