Fifty shades of red and blue: What does your favorite color say about your sex preferences?

UK - Many recognize that people have different preferences when it comes to sex. But what many don't realize is that colors also have an impact on the act of love-making. At least that's what the founders of UK-based sex toy company Godemiche claimed in an interview with the Daily Star.

Men and women often prefer black underwear (stock image).
Men and women often prefer black underwear (stock image).  © 123RF / Katarzyna Białasiewicz

The sexperts revealed that colors can influence moods and indicate behavior during sex. Here's what the sex toy entrepreneurs had to say about the following hues:


Black was the preferred color for lingerie because it looked "sexy," according to an older survey from 2010.

Black could indicate a preference for BDSM, but it doesn't have to. Often, these are reserved, thoughtful people who are intense lovers and put a lot of thought into their partner's pleasure.


The color white is classically associated with purity and can indicate submissiveness, but it doesn't have to. Sexually, it can show an affinity for either uncomplicated relationships or a particularly committed partnership.


People with purple bedrooms probably have sex up to 3.5 times a week, the sexperts said. Apparently, the powerful mixture of red and purple inspires sensual lovers who are not averse to a quickie.

Red indicates romance and passion

Blue thong, red dildo: a person's color choice for lingerie and sex toys can say a lot about their traits as a lover (stock image).
Blue thong, red dildo: a person's color choice for lingerie and sex toys can say a lot about their traits as a lover (stock image).  © 123RF / Daniel J?dzura


It's no coincidence that red is considered the color of love, romance, and passion. People who prefer this color are often open for kinky adventures and taking sexy risks.


People who prefer yellow are fun and playful, prefer spontaneity, and often have a greater sexual appetite.


This color suggests an intuitive personality that sometimes engages in adventurous fantasies. Orange lovers may also display an exhibitionist side.


This shade is preferred by the observers, who are generous lovers but can be a bit risk-averse between the sheets.


The sexperts say people who love the color blue tend to be faithful, loyal, and honest. These partners like to take their time during lovemaking.

"Color really does feature in sex, more than many realize," the company's founders insisted. That applies not only to the shade of the sex toy, but also to color choices for clothing, lingerie, and other items.

Cover photo: 123RF / Katarzyna Białasiewicz

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