Barry Keoghan stunned by Saltburn superfan's bizarre tattoo

London, UK - Taking to the air on Sunday, Barry Keoghan expressed his shock over a Saltburn superfan's decision to get the film's controversial graveyard scene tattooed on her leg.

Barry Keoghan was surprised to discover that a fan had tattooed him onto her leg.
Barry Keoghan was surprised to discover that a fan had tattooed him onto her leg.  © Collage: IMAGO/Starface & Screenshot/TikTok/@garbageinfluencer

Speaking to Graham Norton on Virgin Radio UK on January 21, Barry Keoghan talked Masters of the Air, Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and, of course, his latest smash-hit film Saltburn.

During the interview, the Saltburn and Banshees of Irisherin star revealed his shock at a fan who decided to have his naked body inked onto her leg, in a tattoo of the film's infamous graveyard scene.

The tattoo itself came to light only last week, when TikToker Cheynee Burnnis revealed her controversial tattoo in a now-viral video.

Barry Keoghan reveals the extent of his surprise over Saltburn fan's graveyard scene tattoo

Speaking to Norton about the success of Saltburn, Keoghan explained that he'd seen a fan who'd gotten a tattoo of his naked body.

"I've seen someone get a tattoo of the graveyard scene on her leg," he explained to Graham Norton, who asked in response "On the leg? I mean, I would have thought on the back, right?"

The actor could hardly hide his surprise over the tattoo, which had been described by Burnnis as "beautiful and poetic." He even went as far as to shout her out.

"I was like wow, shout out," Keoghan said. "Someone has a tattoo of the graveyard scene on their leg, that's crazy, I'm there just... like... lying on it."

"It's the start of the graveyard scene, though, it's not like the... you know... yeah," Barry Keoghan said awkwardly. Norton simply replied with "I hear you."

Cover photo: Collage: IMAGO/Starface & Screenshot/TikTok/@garbageinfluencer

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