Extreme tattoo addict Remy reveals cost of dramatic transformation

Lethbridge, Canada - Former chef and Albertan local Remy has covered more than 96% of his body in tattoos and body mods. Now, he has revealed how he finances his transformation!

Remy has revealed how he pays for his extensive tattoo collection.
Remy has revealed how he pays for his extensive tattoo collection.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

In a video posted to his highly successful Instagram account, Remy responded to the queries of his more than 43,000 followers and acknowledged the financial cost of his ink journey.

The video was made in reply to the comment, "This man definitely makes money."

Since the clip was posted, it has been viewed by hundreds of fans and many of his followers have responded positively to his explanation!

Remy explains in the video that fans who accuse him of rolling in money are actually correct, as good-quality tattoos like the ones that he has indeed cost a lot of money to acquire!

Remy reveals how he finances his tattoo transformation

According to the tattoo enthusiast, who recently had his eyelids tattooed as part of his ongoing transformation, people can't get as many tattoos and body mods as he has without a solid income.

"You can't look like I do without a good-paying job," he explained to his Instagram subs. "You can't look like I do without a good amount of money, you can't look like I do without an incredibly disciplined lifestyle."

"You just can't – go ahead and try! These things cost a [lot] of money and you're not getting there if you don't have a job that pays you pretty well."

Welfare won't pay enough for tattoos like Remy's

Remy's video was in response to many of his followers accusing him of having very little money and living off of government welfare. After hearing the criticism, he set forth to prove them wrong.

"It's so funny to me when people assume I don't have a job, or I am on welfare or all of that f***ing horses**t," he said.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

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