Extreme tattoo addict Remy reveals pre-ink look

Lethbridge, Canada - In a recent post to his Instagram channel, which shows him side by side with his former self, extreme ink addict and tattooist Remy shared the true extent of his transformation.

Remy looks completely different now to how he looked back in 2007.
Remy looks completely different now to how he looked back in 2007.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

Expressing his desire to be a positive voice for body modifications, Remy in his latest post shared a side-by-side that first showed off his 2007 look, with barely any tattoos, and then revealed his 2024 self.

Remy, who goes by @ephemeral_remy on social media, has been in the process of transforming his body for years now. Having blacked out his torso, he showed that you can tat over black, and even had bats tattooed on his eyes.

Back in 2007, though, Remy featured very few tattoos, with nothing but a few mods under his bottom lip and a couple of visible ear piercings.

Tattoo addict shows off bizarre squishy hand implants
Tattoos Tattoo addict shows off bizarre squishy hand implants

What's more, 2024 Remy is totally ripped, especially compared to his 2007 self!

Remy shares his gratitude after radical tattoo and body mod transformation

The comparison shot came with a caption that revealed how much Remy's transformation has meant to him. He also expressed gratitude towards his more than 50,000-strong audience.

"Be the person you wish you had when you were growing up," Remy wrote, before admitting, "That's exactly what I've been proud to do."

"There was a stunning lack of positive public individuals speaking out on behalf of body mods when I was a youth, and even though I was always fascinated with the art form and culture around it, open information was scarce at best," he continued.

"It has been the greatest honor for me personally to have been of inspiration to many people over the last several years to follow their passions, and embrace their own individuality."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

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