Sixty-year-old record holder for most body modifications hangs in suspense!

Germany – Rolf Buchholz waited until he was 40 years old to get his first tattoo, and was immediately hooked. He holds the world record for most body modifications with 516 total, but hasn't crossed the finish line yet.

Rolf Buchholz got hooked on body modifications after his first tattoo at the age of 40.
Rolf Buchholz got hooked on body modifications after his first tattoo at the age of 40.  © Screenshot / Instagram / robuchholz

Buchholz went 40 years without changing anything about his skin. But the second he was finished with his first tattoo, all bets were off.

He's since added many other elements to his physique, like subdermal horn implants, a split tongue, and 128 piercings around his mouth alone.

The 62-year-old has a very distinctive and unique type of unibrow, styled entirely of 37 silver studs. Buchholz turned up the heat for some of his modifications, like the seven scarifications he had done across his face.

On top of the piercings and branding, the German has covered 90% of his body with tattoos, including his eyeballs.

From here, things take a turn for the strange and bizarre. His tatted arms, wrists, and hands are full of implants.

Buccholz has six subdermal implants in his wrist, and several magnetic implants in his hands!

Despite changing his look, he's still the same man at heart

He often takes part in body suspension shows, hanging from hooks inserted into the fatty tissue in his skin.

People often judge him for his looks, but he says his outer appearances haven't changed who he is on the inside. He can even shrug off religiously-suggestive comments comparing him to the devil.

"A lot of people think I'm the devil, but I don't believe in the devil", Buchholz told Guinness World Records. At the end of the day, he's adhering to his own standard of beauty.

Although 516 modifications is a quite a lot, Buchholz has no plans to stop the count.

Cover photo: Screenshot / Instagram / robuchholz

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