Tattooed man gets four new nipples in radical body modification

A little over five months ago, tattoo fan Harry Hoofcloppen reached out to veteran body modifier Steve Haworth to help him fulfill his latest transformation – four extra nipples on his torso.

Harry Hoofcloppen had four extra nipples implanted into his torso.
Harry Hoofcloppen had four extra nipples implanted into his torso.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@harry.hoofcloppen

After enlisting Steve Haworth for the task, Harry Hoofcloppen had four subdermal implants embedded into his chest, simulating a number of additional male nipples that taper down to his stomach.

Haworth is a veteran body modifier self-described on his Instagram channel as the "modfather creator," "innovator of subdermal implants," and the creator of many other body mod procedures. He is the mastermind behind the mods used by the likes of the Black Alien Project and Toxii Daniëlle.

His latest work on Harry Hoofcloppen was paired with tattoos by artist @crybaby.angell to simulate more realistic male nipples.

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In posts made by both Hoofcloppen and his tattoo artist Angell, both called on surgeons to make the procedures more widely available - specifically to members of the trans community.

Extra nipples a combination of body modification and tattooing

"Trans friends! Do you want this new 3D reconstruction nipple technology available for YOUR top surgery or for someone you love?" Hoofcloppen wrote in his post. "It can't happen until we get surgeons everywhere to get out of their rut."

Angell made a point of mentioning the "life-changing" nature of these procedures to many people, explaining that they often can't get them done due to restrictive rules around body modification surgery.

"I've been seeing a lot of nipple graphs and other nipple reconstruction attempts," Angell explained. "And nothing compares to this. I think they look extremely real. I think it's a game changer, I really do."

"I think it's great that Harry had such an awesome idea in wanting these nipples, but I also think it's great that Harry was able to make the breakthrough that we need in order to get these into the eyes of the public."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@harry.hoofcloppen

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