Canadian government to halt sale of new gas cars after 2035

Ottawa, Canada - The Canadian government has made the decision that sales of new gas cars will need to cease by the year 2035.

Automakers won't be able to sell new gas cars in Canada after 2035 (stock image).
Automakers won't be able to sell new gas cars in Canada after 2035 (stock image).  © 123RF/ habrda

As reported by Elektrek, the Canadian federal government has issued an edict stating that to keep up with progressive laws in Quebec and in California, the entire country will see the end of sales of new gasoline cars by 2035.

Few details have been released, including if the government would provide an enhanced subsidy program for the more expensive electric vehicles. There is currently a 5,000 Canadian dollar federal rebate available for electric vehicles that cost less than 55,000 Canadian dollars, but the variety of cars to choose from is still slim.

The Toronto Star stated that currently, just over 3% of vehicles in Canada are electric, and the greater problem lies with the fact that booming SUV sales have added much more pollution to the environment than ever before.

Various automakers have started releasing zero-emission options of classic vehicle model in recent years. Government mandated-timelines such as this one and those already established in several European nations are meant to promote electric vehicle options. Some carmakers, such as Audi, have announced they will cease producing anything but e-cars in the next decade.

However, with constant news of flaws in some electric vehicles and their batteries spurring recalls and continual remote updates, it will be up to automakers to prove to hesitant buyers that electric vehicles are a safe and affordable option.

Cover photo: 123RF/ habrda

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