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What's the latest news out of Canada?
What's the latest news out of Canada?  © 123RF / hannamariah

Canada is basically the United States' slightly nicer cousin, full of beautiful wilderness, crazy celebrities, and sports like hockey and basketball. TAG24 is here with the latest news out of Canada, so stick around.

The USA's northern cousin is a fascinating country, and there's always a lot to talk about. From their Justin Trudeau-led progressive government to the latest from Canadian darling Justin Bieber, you can expect a huge variety of political, social, sports, and environment news right here.

Our friends from the north have a rather deep-seated obsession with Hockey and the NHL, and so do we. TAG24 has the latest sports news to come out of Canada, as well as the most recent celebrity scandals, controversies, and gossip. Are you a fan of Canadian sports and stars? Then you've come to the right place.

Stick to TAG24 for the latest news from the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Pamela Anderson, major television shows and movies, amusing animal stories, and the most recent political intrigue out of Canada.

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TAG24 is the place to be for all the latest Canadian News. Whether you're looking for the latest political goings on or funny stories, so stick around.