Fossil fuel projects could wipe out $300 billion in personal investments

Amherst, Massachusetts - Climate change isn't just impacting people through storms, extreme weather, and natural disasters. It also might cost ordinary people hundreds of billions in investments.

Investments in fossil fuel infrastructure, like oil refineries, are a dead end.
Investments in fossil fuel infrastructure, like oil refineries, are a dead end.  © REUTERS

Personal investments worth $300 billion in the US are at risk of being worth zilch when we move away from fossil fuels, according to a study seen by the Guardian.

The research team behind the report found that investments valued at over $1.4 trillion would sink in value around the world if we get our butts in gear and finally get serious about cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The scientists followed the money through projects and companies, and they found that individuals putting their money in banks and funds will bear the brunt of the potential loss.

Researchers also crunched the numbers and found that the amount of assets that could become worthless equal $681 billion, which is at least $250 billion more than the mismanaged housing bubble that caused the 2008 financial crisis.

Stranding assets is part of climate action

Stranded assets are what you call the funds put towards fossil fuel infrastructure that won't turn a profit if we take the necessary steps to climate change before its effects get worse.

Even though individuals stand to lose a fat pile of cash because of investments in fossil fuel projects, ditching those projects is key, and doesn't have to turn into a wash for everyone involved.

People still have time to save their money by switching to green banks.

Stranded assets are poised to eat people's investments if the world makes the swift moves necessary to turn climate change around.

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