How to keep your sexy pictures away from prying eyes

Internet - Sexting isn't just for teens. Here are a few tech tips for adding extra security to your racier photos to make sure they stay private.

Follow our tips for keeping your racy pictures private (stock image).
Follow our tips for keeping your racy pictures private (stock image).  © 123rf/M Production

After Apple made headlines this week for paying an enormous sum to a woman who had her nude photos leaked by repair technicians, chances are a lot of people have been scouring their camera rolls and deleting intimate photos.

But what if you could keep your photos away from prying eyes and lustful repair techs as well?

With just a few minutes of changing settings on your phone, using a few tips from the pros at Wired, you'll be good to continue taking your racy boudoir snaps.

To start with, you'd be surprised how many people don't even have a PIN set on their phone. Though a fingerprint or the use of Face ID is even safer, taking the time to make sure someone can't just pick up your phone and start perusing is critical.

Most phones also have the option to remotely erase content should you leave your device at a bus stop, or at that business conference, so make sure that function is turned on in your settings.

As a side note, if this already seems like too much hassle, consider if your reputation could handle having whatever is in your photos folder leaked. That's a good rule of thumb for deciding if you will take the next steps for increased security.

A few options for more advanced security

Locking your images away is crucial for avoiding embarrassment and even blackmail (stock image).
Locking your images away is crucial for avoiding embarrassment and even blackmail (stock image).  © 123RF/ sashkin7

Google recently announced a Locked Folder option for use on Google Photos, which is a fantastic way to secure media on the phone itself instead of storing it on the cloud.

Instead of taking 300 of the same image, it's also better to select just a few of the "quality" ones and take the time to look them over and edit out potentially identifying information. Got a diploma hanging on the wall behind you? A particularly unique tattoo? These are things you might consider blurring or covering up.

Taking this step to the next level involves going into your camera settings and turning off location data. If your photo ever gets out, people up to no good can easily get even more data from the file information about you than what you expose in the shot.

This list from gives tips on how to strip data from the photos of your own strip session.

If the above seems like way too much effort, at least remember not to send the photos through an unsecured messaging app like Facebook. Encrypted channels like Signal or Telegram are better options.

What if your phone won't turn on and needs repairs? To avoid the fate of the woman who had her images shared by Apple techs, choosing to use Android instead and storing your photos on a removable SD card is going to be the best bet to avoid them falling into lecherous hands.

Though it goes without saying, always make sure you trust the recipient if you do chose to share your photos. Think about how long you have known the person, and if you can trust them to delete the images or store them securely.

And always remember that no matter what any app claims, there are always workarounds to screenshot "secured" content, even if it is getting another camera to take photos of a screen. Hopefully these tips will help you keep things safe and sexy!

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