Dog and newborn baby conquer the internet with their love!

Minneapolis, Minnesota - This duo is unbelievably cute! A dog and a tiny baby are becoming TikTok stars, as heartwarming videos of the two delight millions online.

This fluffy dog and sweet baby make an adorable duo.
This fluffy dog and sweet baby make an adorable duo.  ©

Both the baby and the dog are adorable on their own. But when pictured or filmed together, the two ooze an irresistible cuteness that becomes almost overpowering!

The golden retriever named Minny and baby Halle Wynne have become inseparable ever since the girl was born in December 2020.

The devastatingly cute duo already boasts a viral video on TikTok! It has 6.4 million views and more than 1.5 million likes.

Ashley Graham announces her new "tiny surprise" on Instagram
Baby Ashley Graham announces her new "tiny surprise" on Instagram

In the clip, Minny and Halle are snuggled up to each other and both animals stare into the camera with their huge dog and huge baby eyes.

While that may not sound too exciting, according to some TikTok users, it's "by far the most beautiful" thing they've seen on the internet in a long time.

Now there are even more videos of the animal couple that you can watch on the TikTok channel approiatly called hallelovesminny.

TikTok users joke: It's the dog's baby now

In the video's comment section there are quite a few posts about how cute the two look together. One user even wrote that the cuteness might be too much for them: "My heart cannot take how absolutely precious this is! Such a sweet baby..Both of them."

Many users joked that Minny might think she's Halle's mommy. "Dog is like 'IM A MOTHER.'"

Others gushed about how "gentle" dogs are with babies. One even suggested "Dogs are amazing babysitters."

Thanks to the video's huge success, their TikTok channel now has more than 100,000 followers, so there will probably be a lot more videos of the paw-fectly adorable pair!

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