Grieving mother posts screenshots of a shocking request from a heartless friend

Internet - This woman just experienced every parent's worst nightmare. But of all people, it was one of her closest friends who added to her pain.

The woman lost both her baby and a friendship (stock image).
The woman lost both her baby and a friendship (stock image).  © Belyaeva

She lost her baby only moments after giving birth.

It's hard to imagine what the grieving mother is going through right now. Not long ago, her life was full of happiness and expectation. Now, all that bright joy has been replaced with darkness.

Her baby Benjamin is gone and she will never be able to bring him home.

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At such difficult times, the unwavering support of friends and family is the biggest help towards recovery.

But before she even got a chance to process the trauma, someone who was supposed to be there for her decided to cause even more suffering instead.

Completely devastated, the mourning woman took to Facebook and shared screenshots of an incredible conversation between her and a friend.

The grieving mother took to Facebook to share her traumatic experience.
The grieving mother took to Facebook to share her traumatic experience.  © Reddit/Screenshot/SelfisolationPsycho

The "friend" wanted her presents and her money back

"[The friend] bought me some beautiful gifts for baby Benjamin for when he was born.....a soft fleece blanket, cuddly elephant, booties, some clothes and a singing toy. I didn't ask for these things as I said they were gifts," the woman explained.

Almost immediately after tragedy hit, the friend contacted her again. But instead of concerning herself with the welfare of the grief-stricken mom, she went on to ask for her presents back, so she could gift them to someone else and save some money.

The mother was left speechless. Not only was this question highly inappropriate and insensitive, she had already used one of the presents in what should have been a touching tribute.

"I wrapped him in the beautiful blanket she got him and he was buried with it too. She wasn't happy about this and asked for the £7 she'd spent on it back as well as the other gifts that could go to another one of our friends babys," she wrote.

The Facebook screenshots were also shared on Reddit and left thousands of users outraged by the heartless behavior. One wrote: "I can't even imagine having the audacity to do something like this."

Another added: "I hope the woman blocks her out of her life entirely. Wow...what a garbage human."

A third expressed the feelings of shock that many were experiencing: "I need to believe this isn't real. I can't imagine a person so selfish and heartless."

Cover photo: Belyaeva

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