Ex-military chief claims US has contact with aliens and "Galactic Federation"

USA - Humankind is "not yet ready" for aliens, but extraterrestrials are already on Earth, working together with the US and Donald Trump – at least that's what a former high-ranking Israeli scientist and general now claims.

Donald Trump (74, l.) has allegedly been working with aliens throughout his presidency (collage).
Donald Trump (74, l.) has allegedly been working with aliens throughout his presidency (collage).  © imago images / Hans Lucas, Sarah Holmlund / 123RF

The curious and questionable allegations come from Professor Haim Eshed, an 87-year-old former general who was head of the Israeli security space program from 1981 to 2010.

During his tenure, he supervised the launch of 20 Israeli satellites and received several awards, as well as various academic degrees. He was a lieutenant colonel during his military service. It sounds like Eshed is a trustworthy man who knows what he is talking about.

Nevertheless, his statements sound pretty crackpot: as the Jewish Press reports, Eshed claims that extraterrestrials have been on earth for a long time and have already had active contact with Israel and the US.

What's more, President Trump apparently almost blabbed details about the aliens, but a "Galactic Federation" held him back. Humanity is simply "not ready" and would have to develop further before it could learn of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

According to Eshed, there is a treaty between the US government and the aliens. There is also an underground base on Mars, where aliens and humans are supposedly conducting research together.

Former head of the Israeli security space program provides no evidence for his claims

Just like humans, the other members of the "Galactic Federation" want to understand how the universe works. They also want Earthlings to help them in that endeavor, the ex-general explained.

A few years ago, he didn't feel like he could make these revelations public, but today he has "nothing to lose." And Eshed is convinced that all the scientists to whom he already divulged the information and who previously called him crazy are slowly reconsidering. The 87-year-old believes "the trend is already changing."

Eshed chose to keep any evidence for these pretty wild claims to himself.

For the time being, it is impossible to verify whether humankind has actually had contact with aliens, or whether a very old and highly respected man is spreading conspiracy theories.

Cover photo: imago images / Hans Lucas, Sarah Holmlund / 123RF

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