Shocked workers find huge "rat" in the sewers

Mexico City, Mexico - Workers were terrified when they first found the ginormous "rat", but the creature turned out to be a lot less horrifying than it seemed.

Workers giving the giant rat a bath.
Workers giving the giant rat a bath.  © Twitter/Screenshot/@alekx_04

The Daily Star reports that workers were removing tons of trash from the sewers in Mexico City when they found something straight out of a horror movie.

They found a creature that was so big it stopped them dead in their tracks. The workers thought that they were looking at a real freak of nature: a giant rat!

But the colossus turned out to be neither alive nor real. It's just a humongous Halloween prop. 

Dog discovery helps solve mystery of missing owners
Mystery Dog discovery helps solve mystery of missing owners

Workers were able to breathe easy when they pulled it out of the sewer and washed it off in the street. 

Bystanders, however, weren't informed that the frightening thing getting a bath wasn't real, and they backed away in fear. 

Washed away by one storm and found after another

Workers were baffled by their find and wondered where the huge figure had come from and how it had ended up in the sewer.

Apparently, it had washed away from a warehouse during a storm and must have floated along the sewer system until it got stuck, only to be found again after another storm.

According to Wave3News, Evelin López, the rightful owner of the scary prop, said that she was happy her rat had finally been found. It had been a few years since her rat was washed away, and she had given up hope of ever finding it again.

López has yet to decide what to do with the returned "rat" but Halloween is right around the corner. Maybe she will put up the freaky decoration again.

Cover photo: Twitter/Screenshot/@alekx_04

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