Marathon man: Italian husband walks hundreds of miles after domestic argument

Como, Italy - This marital squabble must have been something else because this Italian husband needed a 280-mile-long walk to cool off. He was found tired and wandering around in the middle of the night in a different city.

After a fierce argument with his wife, a man took a 280-mile walk (stock image).
After a fierce argument with his wife, a man took a 280-mile walk (stock image).  © Montage: Popov

As the Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino reported, the police picked up a 48-year-old man in the middle of the night at a roadside coronavirus check point set up outside the coastal city of Fano.

Police spotted him around 2 AM on December 1 when a car's headlights illuminated the man from behind. He was limping and violating the national curfew.

When the officers stopped him, the man explained that he had fought with his wife and then decided to walk it off. But when officers took a look at his ID, they were surprised to find he was from Como in Lombardy. The town is almost 280 miles north of where he was discovered.

He told the cops that he had walked all the way and added, "People gave me food, I'm fine, but I'm a little tired."

The man from Como was reported missing by his family

The police officers took the man, who seemed lucid and sane, to the police station where they listened to his story in disbelief. They then decided to put his information through the system to check his story. As soon as they searched for his name a missing person report popped up.

His family had reported him missing a week before. That means he had walked an average of 40 miles per day.

But why did he head to the Italian coast? He told the police that he had enjoyed a family vacation there a few years before.

The officers booked the man a hotel room, so he could rest and then called his wife, who came to pick him up the next day. But it wasn't just her husband that she had to pick up in Fano: the hotel bill and a fine worth $480 for violating the curfew were also waiting for her.

Sadly the man didn't share any details about the fight that made him go on his epic journey. If it was about money, then the fine and the hotel bill probably won't help them patch things up.

Cover photo: Montage: Popov

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