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European Union Policy makes headlines almost every single day.
European Union Policy makes headlines almost every single day.  © 123RF / andreykuzmin

TAG24 has the latest European News, whether that be political developments, the European Union, or fascinating cultural stories from across Europe's many different countries.

Europe is not just the European Union, and nor is it only a couple of wealthy countries. Instead, it is a fascinating conglomeration of different political systems and situations, different cultures, and different interests. Whether it's the EU's latest environmental policy, their response to global crises, or interesting cultural stories, this is the best place to be.

From diplomatic and political crises in Europe, to the ongoing effects of climate change, TAG24's European News section focuses not only on the European Union itself, but also on what's happening right across the continent. That goes for whether the latest crazy thing to happen in Italy, or the latest political controversy to hit France.

Europe has in many ways led the green revolution, been a leader in sustainability and diplomacy, and been the world's cultural center for many years. TAG24 is here with all the latest political, social, cultural and environmental news out of Europe.

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