"I'm not sure how to feel about this": Girlfriend wants boyfriend to wear diapers, goes viral on Reddit

Internet - A desperate Reddit user has reached out for advice on his relationship. What does he want to know? Whether it's normal for his girlfriend to make him wear diapers...

A new quirky kink has surfaced - girlfriends diapering their boyfriends.
A new quirky kink has surfaced - girlfriends diapering their boyfriends.  © 123RF/Sergiy Tryapitsyn

Her slightly kinky request drove him to Reddit looking for some guidance. While he doesn't want to destroy his two-year relationship, he feels like something is wrong and wonders whether it's normal or a bit strange for his girlfriend to ask him to wear diapers and then treat him like a baby.

"I really...really can't believe I'm having to write this out [...] I’m not sure how I should feel about this or how to even bring it up," the man wrote on Reddit.

The problem? "My girlfriend of 2 years likes to dress me up and treat me like a baby."

How did this girlfriend start making her boyfriend wear diapers?

Apparently, it all started out harmlessly: "She insisted on feeding me my food and drinks. She’d tease me a little bit by taking my food when I was about to take a bite."

All pretty harmless, right? Kind-of normal relationship teasing? Well, yeah, but then his girlfriend started dressing him up and having him take bubble baths.

"At first I liked it because, well… she made me feel like a king honestly," the user wrote, adding that things got progressively weirder as she bought him toys to play with in the bath.

"She bought me a bottle that she had filled with my favorite whiskey" - such a bad thing?
"She bought me a bottle that she had filled with my favorite whiskey" - such a bad thing?  © 123RF/magone

Things escalate until her boyfriend wears diapers

The bizarre game just kept escalating from there: "She bought me a bottle that she filled with my favorite whiskey. She knitted me a bib and oversized booties. She bought me a pacifier with adult-sized onesies."

He also shared that his girlfriend's favorite thing is to cuddle with him and say things like "mommy loves you."

The last straw came when she came home with a bag of adult diapers. That's when the 22-year-old decided to ask other users for advice: "Is this normal? Has anyone even been in a situation like this? Am I kidding myself?"

Reddit users provide advice on girlfriend who diapers her boyfriend

As the Daily Star reports, most replies expressed concern – not so much about the diapers themselves, but more in regard to the girlfriend's lack of communication or willingness to explain what was going on.

One wrote: "The fetish itself isn’t the problem – but taking it this far without actually discussing it with him and ignoring his concerns about the diaper isn’t OK." Another agreed, saying "Limits need to be set in a situation like this and it has to be talked about."

Unfortunately, there have been no updates since and it looks like we'll never know how this tricky situation was resolved - did this diaper-wearing boyfriend end the relationship, or did a well intentioned conversation result in better communication?

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