Woman sends letter addressed to "somewhere at top of town" and gets surprising results!

St Ives, UK - What a pleasant surprise!

What an interesting address: "somewhere at top of town".
What an interesting address: "somewhere at top of town".  © Facebook/Screenshot/Tracey Fitzharris

Lee Allen from Scotland didn't know the exact address of her friend Tracey Fitzharris (43) when she wanted to send her a letter to England. So she had no choice but to get a little creative.

Instead of a postal code, a street name, and the house number, the Scottish woman simply wrote "Tracy Fitzharris, somewhere at top of town, St. Ives, Cornwall" on the envelope.

Knowing full well that the delivery of the letter would be difficult to say the least, she added the words "big love to the postie" on the back.

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Apparently, the British postal service was up for the challenge, and as CornwallLive reported last week, the surprise followed immediately – the letter was delivered!

Tracey Fitzharris was suitably delighted, telling the paper: "I met my friend Lee Allen around 10 years ago. She was a nurse at Treliske and cared for me when I was really sick."

"We stayed in touch after I recovered and three years ago she decided to follow her dream of moving to Scotland to live in the mountains."

FaceTime and wine are much better anyway

Tracey took down her friend's address and sent her a Christmas card at the end of 2020. As Lee Allen sat down to reply to her, she realized that she had no idea where she lived.

Although she had asked Tracey for the details, she never got them, because they decided "FaceTime and wine" would be much better anyway.

However, that didn't stop Lee, who wanted to send a card for her longtime friend's birthday. To her delight, Tracey got the letter. "It made me smile, she was amazed it actually arrived. We spent some time laughing about it on the phone yesterday," she told CornwallLive.

It's not clear whether Lee finally took down Tracey's full address during that phone call.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshots/Tracey Fitzharris

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