What is the heaviest vehicle pulled by the eyes?

China - With more than 3000 pounds strapped to the thin bits of bone that rim the eye socket, Dong Changsheng achieved something truly extraordinary. This is the story of the heaviest vehicle ever pulled by the eyes.

Dong Changsheng achieved the world record for heaviest vehicle pulled by the eyes.
Dong Changsheng achieved the world record for heaviest vehicle pulled by the eyes.  © IMAGO/China Foto Press

When thinking about weight-lifting, you're probably going to summon the image of a bodybuilder, busy and happy working out at the gym. Indeed, you probably imagine big arm muscles, six-packs, beefy legs, or big glutes.

What you probably don't imagine is a well-trained and intensely muscular set of eyes.

In September 2006, Dong Changsheng achieved a world record of genuine note. This is the story of his ability to pull a huge car, well over 3,000 pounds in weight, with naught but his eyes!

What is the world's heaviest vehicle to ever be pulled by someone's eyes?

According to Guinness World Records, who attributed the world record, the heaviest vehicle pulled by the eyes was a 3,307-pound car pulled 33 feet by the eye sockets of one Dong Changsheng. The Chinese national managed to achieve this remarkable feat back on September 26, 2006, in Changchun, a city in northeast China.

While this is the official world record since it has been verified and awarded by Guinness World Records, there are those who believe that Changchun has been usurped by a more recent attempt presented by the International Book of Records.

According to their adjudicated record and their post on the matter, this record was achieved by a man called Bijender Singh as recently as the 14th of September, 2023. The vehicle, which purportedly weighs 1,600 pounds, can seen being pulled about 37 - 38 feet.

When we tried to access the International Book of Records website, we were first unable to load the page. Then, on subsequent attempts, we were unable to find verifiable information about the attempt. With the added note that they have a very minimal following on social media and their quoted numbers were already lower than the Guinness World Record attempt, Singh's "record" seems unlikely to be genuine.

All this being said, while Bijender Singh (if the record was proven to be accurate) pulled his vehicle further than Dong Changsheng, the latter pulled a far heavier vehicle back in 2006. As such, the latter contestant's record stands!

How on Earth could someone pull a car with their eyes?
How on Earth could someone pull a car with their eyes?  © IMAGO/China Foto Press

How did he pull the vehicle with his eyes?

There is no information available as to how Dong Changsheng achieved his record, but another source managed to shed some light. In a video posted to the Science Channel Facebook page back in 2018, a man named Andrew explained how he pulls things with his eye sockets.

According to the apparent eye-pulling expert, a chain gets attacked to the car and then to a set of hooks. These metal hooks are then attached to his "zygomatic bones," which make up the rim of the eye socket at the bottom, attaching to the cheek. Apparently, these are extremely strong bones, capable of withstanding pressure of around 440 pounds per square inch.

Andrew then leans back and, with the car in neutral and the hand brake off, is able to pull the car along the ground. Because the weight of the car is mainly supported by the ground and it's on wheels, the pressure put on the bones is reduced and he is able to slowly pull the car along without damaging his body too much.

Upon analyzing videos of Dong Changsheng, all taken of subsequent attempts to pull cars with his eye sockets, this seems to be exactly the strategy he used to achieve the record. The record-holder attaches a hook to each eye socket, leans back facing towards the car so the pressure is on the bottom of his eyes, and slowly pulls the vehicle.

Look, it's all pretty crazy stuff – and certainly not something you should try at home! Such an attempt could cause serious bodily harm and is extremely dangerous with the potential to break bones and more. Still, the power of science is crazy, isn't it?

Why do people pull things with their eyes?

The world of records is dotted with people doing some extraordinary, but also extraordinarily bizarre, things. From pulling vehicles with your eyes to covering your entire body with black tattoos, people have so many interesting things that they want to explore and attempt.

While there is no real reason to pull a car with your eyes, the clout that such a feat would provide you with could, to many, be reason enough to attempt it. To others, though, the achievement would be worth the effort in itself!

We don't necessarily know Dong Changsheng's intentions, but we can certainly guarantee that what he managed to do back in 2006 was truly remarkable.

Cover photo: IMAGO/China Foto Press

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