Texas man becomes the oldest skydiver in the world!

Georgetown, Texas - Few people would even hope to live to Alfred "Al" Blaschke's age, and fewer still would be skydiving at over 100 years old – but this newly-minted Guinness world record holder is unique!

Alfred "Al" Blaschke broke the world record for oldest skydiver by completing a jump at the age of 106 years and 327 days.
Alfred "Al" Blaschke broke the world record for oldest skydiver by completing a jump at the age of 106 years and 327 days.  © cOLLAGE: Screenshot/YouTube/@guinnessworldrecords

By the time you're over one hundred years old, most would expect to be sitting back with a nice cup of tea, not diving from an airplane at more than 5,000 feet.

Yet, to this world record holder, age is just a number, and thrills is what he's looking for.

Meet Alfred "Al" Blaschke of Georgetown, Texas, who recently wrote himself into the history books for a second time!

Who became the oldest skydiver in the world?

At 106 years and 327 days of age, Alfred "Al" Blaschke recently became the oldest person to tandem skydive. Awarded by Guinness World Records (GWR) on May 9, Blaschke beats his previous record from 2020, as well as the record of Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson, who in 2022 set the record at 103 years and 259 days old.

Born on January 4, 1917, Blaschke has lived through two world wars, and seen global changes so drastic, you'd think it would be hard for him to keep up with the times. Instead, he's leading the way with some amazing feats.

His first world record win was achieved back in 2020 when Blaschke, then 103, jumped from 14,000 feet to celebrate the college graduation of his twin grandsons. It was not even his first post-100 skydive, either, as he had previously skydived on his 100th birthday.

At the time of the 2020 record, he played down the dangers involved, saying: "Skydiving is a very safe sport these days. Statistically, it's more dangerous to get snacks out of a vending machine."

How did this Texas man become a centenarian skydiver?

On the day of the skydive, which saw Alfred "Al" Blaschke claim the title of oldest person to tandem skydive, he was joined by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The governor agreed to skydive alongside Blaschke, after they met each other at a ceremony marking the skydiver's previous world record.

Despite bad weather delaying the adventure, the two took to the skies in a small plane and ascended to 9,000 feet. There, they jumped and went into free-fall while attached to their respective instructors.

Footage of the jump showed Blaschke looked surprisingly unfazed by his situation. Cool-as-a-cucumber, the Texan can be seen clearly enjoying himself.

While still in the air, Blaschke's instructor asked him how he was doing and how he felt having broken another world record. In response, he simply said: "I just lost my breath... I can hardly talk."

After the historic moment, the 106-year-old still had the energy to dispense some inspirational words of wisdom for anyone thinking of giving skydiving a try.

"If you think you can’t, you’re just underestimating yourself," Blaschke said. "Everyone is more capable than they think. They just need to make the decision to try."

Cover photo: cOLLAGE: Screenshot/YouTube/@guinnessworldrecords

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