Child misplaces Lego, here's how it turns up two years later

Dunedin, New Zealand - Two years ago, a boy stuck the hand of a Lego minifigure so far up his nose that it wouldn't come out, and now it suddenly resurfaced!

A child plays with various Lego bricks.
A child plays with various Lego bricks.  © Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema

Samir Anwar (7) was playing with his Lego figures in 2018 when the accident happened, he and his father Mudassir Anwar reported on Tuesday to British radio station BBC Newsbeat.

His father then shone a flashlight up Samir's nose but couldn't see the tiny piece.

One doctor was sure that the black Lego hand, which was only about 0.3 inches in size, would exit the body naturally. "Since then we were pretty confident that he didn't have anything in his nose," said Mudassir Anwar.

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But the boy had doubts over this for some time after the incident because he felt pressure in his nose now and then.

This week, two years after the accident, the whole family was out together. When Samir wanted to eat a muffin, his nose itched - it was hurting a bit again.

Hand stuck up nose for two years, but Lego still functional

"He started getting anxious again," his father told the BBC, "and we said to him just go and blow your nose. So he did."

When the seven-year-old returned, he held the small plastic hand in his hand, "We were shocked, his eyes were wide open," said Mudassir Anwar.

Samir apparently said, "I found the Lego, I kept telling you that it was there, but you were saying that it was not."

The child, who still plays with Lego, told BBC that he was "surprised and a bit scared" and was impressed that the hand was still intact.

"[The part] still looked like a hand," he said happily. He's probably still playing with it, but no longer wants to stick the tiny black Lego part up his nose.

Cover photo: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema

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