A beary big visitor tries to ring the doorbell in jaw-dropping video

Greenville County, South Carolina – When someone came to Wendy Watson's front door at the crack of dawn, she imagined it could have been a burglar or even kids playing a prank. But she was shocked to find it had been a furry friend instead!

A security camera filmed a giant bear coming up to a South Carolina resident's front door (stock images).
A security camera filmed a giant bear coming up to a South Carolina resident's front door (stock images).  © Collage: Unsplash/Francesca Tosolini & Rey Emsen

Watson was sound asleep when the camera on her front door captured an unexpected visitor around 3:30 AM.

After seeing some damaged bird feeders the next morning, she watched the night's footage back and couldn't believe her eyes.

Towering over her doorway was a giant black bear!

The curious animal stood on its hind legs to reach up to the door frame and sniff the front door. The black bear even leaned against the doorbell with its right paw, but did not trigger the typical "ding-dong."

In the clip, it seems as if the bear waited a few seconds for someone to open the door for him, but when that didn't happen, it snorted and disappeared into the dark of the night.

Watson is glad that she didn't realize she'd had a visitor until the next morning, after the animal was long gone.

"I think I might’ve have screamed a little like 'Oh my gosh!'" she told the Mirror.

She has since affectionately named her guest "Boo-Boo The Bear."

The bear visitor has gone viral

Users went wild over the animal's behavior as the doorcam clip went viral online.

"Such a polite bear," one user commented on Twitter.

A Facebook user joked, "His mother taught him very good manners to ring the doorbell and not just barge in on people."

There are believed to be about 1,000 black bears in the state of South Carolina, where Watson resides, and can weigh around 600 pounds.

Boo-Boo has not popped up at any other houses in the neighborhood ... yet.

Cover photo: Collage: Unsplash/Francesca Tosolini & Rey Emsen

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