Cutest spider in the world: The tiny spider breaking records!

With such a small body and such large eyes, there are few who would deny how adorable this tiny little dude is. This is the cutest spider in the world, and also one of the world's smallest.

Tiny spiders are often perceived as remarkably cute, and for good reason.
Tiny spiders are often perceived as remarkably cute, and for good reason.  © 123RF/lincikas

Even if you have the nastiest arachnophobia ever, it's unlikely that you'll deny how insanely cute the smallest spider in the world is.

Barely visible with your bare eyes, this incredibly adorable creature has a set of big eyes, a fluffy exterior, and a look that'll shock any who expects to be frightened by a spider.

So, what spider species breaks the animal record for cutest spider in the world? TAG24 takes a look at some of the smallest and most adorable spiders.

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What are they, and what do you need to know? Crawl on to find out!

The cutest spider in the world is a tiny wonder

The coastal peacock spider, also known as maratus personautus, is widely considered the sweetest and cutest looking spider in the world. Native to the many different areas of Australia, these tiny creatures have big eyes that pierce the soul of any who get close enough to see them.

Often featuring bright colors (hence the "peacock" in their name), these tiny wonders are common inhabitants of people's homes and gardens in many Aussie cities. They are a "jumping spider," one of many different species known to jump around like absolute champions.

What's extraordinary is that the jumping spider has some of the best eyesight of any arachnid and, in general, move very slowly when they're not jumping. This jumping behavior is primarily used to respond to sudden threats, jump across gaps, and hunt – they feed on small insects and other spiders.

The cutest variant is the males, that are lucky enough to have a bright blue face.

How small is the cute jumping spider?

This cute little jumping spider, a maratus personautus or peacock spider, generally only grows to about 0.15 inches in total body length.

They are incredibly small (though not the smallest spiders in the world) and covered in fluffy-looking fur that gives them an almost cat-like vibe. Even the biggest spider hater couldn't help but fall in love with these tiny dudes.

What's the world's smallest spider?

At only 0.0145 of an inch in size, the patu digua (a member of the Symphytognathidae family of spiders) is currently considered the world's smallest spider. Recognized by Guinness World Records for their extraordinarily small size, the patu digua is native to Colombia, but comes from a genus that's found on all of Earth's continents, except for Antarctica.

Living primarily in high-altitude rainforests, with extremely high humidity and hugely variable temperatures, these creatures primarily feed on tiny arthropods. They are, of course, entirely harmless to humans. (After all, how could something this small even bite you?)

There is a bit of disagreement, though, over whether the patu digua or the Samoan moss spider is the smallest spider in the world, but the general consensus is that the title belongs to the former.

What are the tiny red spider mites in your house?

Red spider mites are not the cutest, and it aren't technically spiders.
Red spider mites are not the cutest, and it aren't technically spiders.  © IMAGO/Nature Picture Library

The little red spider mites that you find in your house and garden are actually not spiders at all - they are parasites which live on your plants.

Reproducing rapidly, once you have an infestation of these tiny little demons you will find them all over the place. Predominantly attacking azaleas and camellias, these little red monsters will permanently damage your plants.

While they do have eight legs (and, as such, are often mistaken for spiders), red spider mites are - as their name suggests - mites.

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There are two variants, one predominantly found in Europe and Asia, and one found in the Americas. Sadly, though, variants of these parasitic creatures can be found on almost every continent.

Fun fact: The average size of a red spider mite is 0.02-0.03 inches. This means that even if they were spiders, they still wouldn't be the smallest in the world – though, they are still insanely tiny.

Is the cute peacock spider dangerous?

While peacock spiders are mildly venomous, they are extremely unlikely to hurt you. At such a tiny size, these adorable little beauties would find it hard to pierce your skin with their fangs.

On top of that, the peacock spider is a jumping spider that will leap away from you far before you are at risk of being bitten.

In other words, not to worry if you encounter a peacock spider. Of course, don't go picking it up, but feel free to sit back and admire the cutest spider in the world.

Cover photo: 123RF/lincikas

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