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What's the latest news to come out of Australia?
What's the latest news to come out of Australia?  © 123RF / filedimage

From crazy climate catastrophes to bizarre animal news, from outstanding sporting achievements to the latest from the Albanese Government, TAG24 is here to bring you the strangest, funniest, and most interesting Australian News.

Australia is a dry country, troubled by drought, floods, and the harshest realities of climate change. This makes that brown land down under the stage for a variety of bizarre and fascinating stories that capture our writers' attention each and every day.

TAG24 is here to bring you the most curious news out of Australia. Whether it is the latest damage to be wreaked by natural disasters like bushfires and floods, or the craziest things to happen at the hands of Australia's border guards, this is the place to be for the most interesting Australian News out there.

Much like all the creepy crawlies and crazy stories, Australia's political situation, the goings on in Canberra, are often very interesting. Stick to TAG24 for not only fascinating and entertaining stories, but also for the biggest news to come out of the Anthony Albanese Government.

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TAG24 is the place to be for the latest curiosities out of Australia. Whether it's for strange animal stories, sporting achievements or political turmoil, stick to this page for all things down under.