This Californian dog holds a surfing world record

San Diego, California - One daredevil dog made it into the annals of history with a remarkable achievement back that saw her surf a wave far longer than many humans could even hope to ride!

Abbie managed to ride the longest wave ever surfed by a dog.
Abbie managed to ride the longest wave ever surfed by a dog.  © IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Out of the many animal world records out there, few are as cool as the one Australian kelpie Abbie set in 2011, when she claimed the title for longest wave ever surfed by a dog.

Riding her surfboard for a distance bigger than a football field, Abbie's feat is a lesson for us all – if this heroic hound can learn to ride a wave in style, then so can we all!

Here's how she managed to write her name into the record books!

This doggo managed the longest wave ever surfed by a dog

Abbie had her big moment in 2011, when she rode a 351.7-foot wave at Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego, securing her a Guinness World Record (GWR) that is yet to be officially beaten by any other dog.

Described as an amazing athlete by her owner Michael Uy –an avid surfer himself – Abbie serves as inspiration for people "to get out and do more with their dogs."

"They just love to do more than just take a ten-minute walk every day," Uy said at the time. "I never in a million years thought that Abbie would be a surfing dog, right - you never what your dog could be good at unless you try."

Setting a record for the longest wave surfed by a dog in open water is a pretty impressive feat for a dog who was adopted from an animal shelter, where she had apparently looked depressed and was far less energetic than other dogs.

Abbie's story is one of adventure, including not just surfing, but skydiving as well, and so much more. At her height, she was a celebrity animal who featured in TV segments, films, and magazines across the world.

Abbie was much more than just the furthest surfing dog in the world

Abbie wasn't the only surfing dog in the water.
Abbie wasn't the only surfing dog in the water.  © IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

According to her old website, Abbie "developed a love of sports that led her to become the top surfing dog in the world." Born in 2006, she started surfing in 2008.

She was inducted into the International Surfing Hall of Face in 2014 and, due to immense efforts by her owner, was crucial for turning dog surfing into a legitimate sport. Abbie managed to become such an extraordinary athlete not just through innate skill, either – this was a dog who surfed every day and spent years of her life enjoying the water near her house.

Sadly, this wonderful Australian kelpie passed away in 2021, surrounded by her loved ones after taking one last trip together with her loving owner. She died in Kyoto, where her family held a funeral for her before returning her body to Hawaii, to set her free on her favorite beach.

Lost dog and owner reunited after two years – and there's not a dry eye in the house
Dogs Lost dog and owner reunited after two years – and there's not a dry eye in the house

"I'll bring Abbie to Hawaii where her surf family and I will set her free at her favorite surf break - my last promise to her," Abbie's family posted on her Instagram page. "Abbie was happiest surrounded by the life and energy there, so I hope this lets her become part of that."

Abbie's world record stands on its own as one of the most incredible ever achieved by an animal. It is an example of incredible skill and practice, and something that many couldn't hope to achieve themselves, let alone their dogs.

Cover photo: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

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