What animal has the largest penis?

Certain animals have more to show than all the rest, and we're here to reveal a not-so-hidden secret in the animal kingdom. Which animal has the longest log, the largest loom, the lengthiest pecker? AKA: What animal has the largest penis?

Can you guess which animal has the largest penis?
Can you guess which animal has the largest penis?  © IMAGO / Robertharding & Djoronimo / 123RF (TAG24 Edit)

There's not much of a point to stay serious: We're talking about animal penises, folks!

The phallus has played a significant role throughout history, and animal history has also been dependent on the functionality of such organs.

The question of the day, though, is whether the size of a mammal's member grows in equivalence to the size of the mammal itself.

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In other words, TAG24 is here settle the score on which beast holds the animal record for the largest penis in the world.

Is it a mammal, is a well-endowed fish, or a bird, perhaps? All that we can guarantee, though, is that it both is and isn't a mammoth.

Which animal has the largest penis?

The blue whale is famous for having the largest penis in the world. Indeed, it is both the biggest in the animal kingdom and the biggest in the world.

Larger penises indicate that the whale in question is rather mature and older. Interestingly, a blue whale's penis cannot be seen when it is swimming, as it retracts into the mammal's body in an S-shape.

When a blue whale is about to engage in sexual activity, its member will emerge from its underside with an enormous erection, ready to make smaller, approximately car-sized whale babies. Interestingly, to accommodate the pure scale of the blue whale penis' size, females of the same species also have the largest vaginas of any animal.

How big is a blue whale penis?

While penis sizes vary between each animal, of course, the average length of a blue whale's penis is about 7–9 feet, with an average diameter of about 12–14 inches.

Every time a blue whale ejaculates it releases more than 35 pints of semen into the female, which is not surprising considering that their testes weigh up to 150 pounds.

It is actually quite difficult for scientists to measure a blue whale's penis, though, because it is usually hidden within its body and won't emerge, except for during sexual intercourse. As a result, this "average" is very rough, as the only thing that scientists have been able to do in their research is simply reconstruct a dead whale's penis and measure it, at which point, it is unlikely to be erect.

Why are whale penises so long?

Let's remind everyone of a rather simple fact: Whales are not fish, despite looking and behaving like fish, they are mammals.

As a result, blue whales have huge penises because they are the largest mammals in the world. The size of their penis scales with the size of their body.

Oh, look at you, you spiky devil!
Oh, look at you, you spiky devil!  © IMAGO / robertharding

What other animals have large penises?

The blue whale isn't the only impressively endowed animal out there. Indeed, there are many animals that feature large members. Let's talk in ratios, though, as there's no point in purely focusing on true size.

In other words, this list takes the following into consideration: How big is its penis in comparison to the rest of its body?

The blue whale has a penis-to-body ratio of 1:10, and humans have penises to the ratio of 1:12, but what about some other animals? Remember that these numbers are based purely on averages, and there are always overly-impressive or under-sized outliers.

Here are a few other animals with large penises:

  • African elephants (about a 1:4 size ratio)
  • Ducks (about a 2:1 size ratio)
  • Sea turtles (about a 1:5 size ratio)
  • Pigs (about a 1:5 size ratio)
  • Cattle (about a 3:20 size ratio)
  • Barnacles (about a 7:1 size ratio)

How are we defining an animal penis, though? Many animals have penises, and they don't need to be a mammal to meet the requirements. Basically, in terms of animals mentioned here, we are using the definition of penis as an external male sex organ.

What land animal has the largest penis?

Elephants have the largest penises of any land animal.
Elephants have the largest penises of any land animal.  © IMAGO / YAY Images

The African bull elephant has the largest penis of any land-based animal.

Their giant penises are almost second trunks, averaging around 6 feet on adult males. Interestingly, the African elephant doesn't just have a massive member, but a "prehensile" one. What does that mean, though?

A prehensile penis is one that can grab things and manipulate itself similarly to someone's hand (or, indeed, an elephant's trunk).

In other words, an African elephant not only has a giant penis, but its penis can literally move independently to the rest of the elephant, making sexual intercourse much easier than it otherwise would be for these giant mammals.

The largest animal penis is truly huge

If a blue whale was surfacing next to your dingy, its penis isn't what you're going to be most worried about. It's an impressively sized member, but considering that the blue whale is the largest animal in the world, it's not so surprising.

Some blue whale penises can weigh more than 150 pounds, making for one huge appendage.

Cover photo: IMAGO / Robertharding & Djoronimo / 123RF (TAG24 Edit)

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