Black bear cub caught on camera hilariously taking out the trash!

Asheville, North Carolina - A black bear cub was caught on camera as he tried to drag the trashcan to the curb like a good neighbor!

Black bear cub caught on camera trying to be neighborly by taking out the trash!
Black bear cub caught on camera trying to be neighborly by taking out the trash!  © Collage: 123RF/Petr Svoboda//123RF/Dmitry Kalinovsky

Taking out the trash is one of those tedious household tasks, that David Oppenheimer of Asheville, North Carolina, would rather have someone else do.

As ABC13 reports, when the homeowner looked at the footage of his surveillance camera on Saturday, he was shocked to see a certain fuzzy someone doing just that. The footage showed a black bear cub trying to drag the trash container to the curb

"It was getting ready to take out the garbage," Oppenheimer joked. The clip shows the young animal standing on its hind legs and walking the container down the driveway.

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Of course, the bear was actually looking for a snack rather than a chore, but he couldn't get the container open, despite knocking it down.

Residents keep neighborhood bears out of the trash with special clips

Per ABC13, residents of Asheville are used to having these bear-ly believable encounters. Many local residents put metal bear-proof clips on their garbage cans to keep the beasties out of the trash and from causing a mess.

"Most of the bears around here pick up quick on that and don't bother with the effort to try to open it," Oppenheimer said, adding, "This bear yearling cub hasn't figured that out yet."

Hopefully, the cub can at least have the manners to complete the chore next time he handles the trash!

Cover photo: Collage: 123RF/Petr Svoboda & /123RF/Dmitry Kalinovsky

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