Cat cuddles up to baby in a viral TikTok, and the internet is here for it!

These two have been inseparable since they first met. As soon as the feline's owner opens the door to let her sister and baby in, her cat named Chase is there. A video that has gone viral shows the best moments of the pair so far.

A cat named Chase snuggles up to the cute baby.
A cat named Chase snuggles up to the cute baby.  © Bildmontage: TikTok/Screenshots/dontstopmeowing

So far, 9.8 million people have viewed the heartwarming TikTok video that also received hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.

In the first scene of the snippet, Chase is seen scoping out the baby. After a while, the cat decides to cuddle up to the infant.

The little one knows how to return the favor, and a few seconds later, he turns his head and seems to give the house cat a kiss. Afterwards, the bundle of joy turns back to his mom and smiles like crazy. More scenes follow in which the two play or cuddle together.

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With a video this adorable, it was only a matter of time that people started sounding off on the cuteness in the comments.

Users overflow with sweet comments on TikTok and Instagram

Chase the cat loves his new baby companion.
Chase the cat loves his new baby companion.  © Bildmontage: TikTok/Screenshots/dontstopmeowing

Accordingly, many users can hardly stop gushing over the adorableness of it all. One IG user commented, "This is just too cute! The baby was so happy to see Chase!"

Another added, "I love this, why am I crying," which is a feeling most of us can relate to.

Chase, his feline siblings, and their human parents can be found on Instagram and TikTok under the name dontstopmeowing, where they regularly post new videos that rack up millions of views.

Cover photo: Bildmontage: TikTok/Screenshots/dontstopmeowing

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