Maine coon cat in profile: Temperament, size, price, and more

There are some fantastic cat breeds out there in the world, but few come close to the size and personality of the Maine coon. One of the world's largest kitties, this is a big cat forever in need of a little love.

Maine coons are ridiculously cute and affectionate.
Maine coons are ridiculously cute and affectionate.  © Unsplash/Magali Merzougui

The Maine coon has become increasingly popular over the last few years, famous for their immense size and unbelievably friendly personalities.

With a thick and luscious coat and a temperament worthy of the best comedians in the world, there are few cat breeds that can even come close to the wonder and impressiveness of these massive felines.

TAG24 will guide you through everything there is to know about the Maine coon. How big are they, what are their personalities like, and how expensive are they to adopt and look after? Let's check it out.

What is a Maine coon?

Maine coons, named after their US state of origin, are some of the biggest domestic cats in the world. Complete with a bushy tail, these fluffy and adorable creatures are friendly and sociable and will never go without a hug for more than a few short hours.

With an dense coats and manes that certainly don't leave anything to be desired, Maine coons are avid hunters and strong feline friends to have by your side. On account of their cuteness, fluffiness, and friendliness, these giant kitties have become some of the most popular in the world.

Many believe that the Maine coon is a hybrid cat, forged by the bonding of a raccoon and a bobcat. This is certainly untrue, as is another myth which says that they came over on Viking ships and are distantly related to the Norwegian forest cat.

The real truth is that they are the descendants of cats brought to New England in the 17th and 18th centuries by Puritan settlers. Their thick coats are the result of evolution based on the region's harsh climate, and their friendliness is just because they’re absolute legends.

Characteristics of the Maine coon

Maine coons are massive long-medium haired cats. They have broad shoulders, big heads, and a fluffy chest that's just dying for a rub. If you're looking for a particular color in your kitty, the Maine coon also has you covered as they come in white, black, orange, and an assortment of other shades.

Due to their regal and impressive appearance, many have featured the Maine coon in cat shows, ever since they started to grow in popularity in the 19th century. Nowadays, they are extremely popular, with hundreds of thousands if not millions living around the world. They are especially beloved in America, likely because they originate from Maine.

If you are a cat lover, you are likely to adore the Maine coon. They have a temperament of gold and looks that are proud, beautiful, and adorable all at once. They make great company!

Is there anything cuter than a stunned-looking kitty? What about a stunned-looking Maine coon?
Is there anything cuter than a stunned-looking kitty? What about a stunned-looking Maine coon?  © Unsplash/Yurii Stupen

Maine coon cats' size and weight

The Maine coon is one of the largest cat breeds in the world, coming in at an average of 13-15 inches tall, and 35-40 inches long, with a weight of between 13 and 18 pounds. If it weren't for the Savannah cat, the Maine coon would certainly have claimed the top prize in terms of size.

It's important to note, however, that the size of the Maine coon (especially the weight) does come with its own set of challenges and disadvantages. These kitties are more at risk of heart issues as they get older and generally have short lifespans, kidney issues, and problems with their bones and joints.

As a result, if you own a Maine coon, you should get these factors regularly checked by the vet, to make sure that your kitty is in tip-top shape and will live a long and happy life.

What is the temperament of a Maine coon?

Behold, the mighty lion of Maine.
Behold, the mighty lion of Maine.  © Unsplash/Lina Angelov

Maine coons are famous for being both cute and friendly. These fluffy dudes are likely to be in constant need of cuddles, and are often a bit overbearing and pushy when it comes to both attention and meal time. It can be very easy to over-feed a Maine coon because they are already a massive breed and will constantly be asking for sustenance.

They are sociable cats and are often far more likely to accept a new kitty in the house than most other breeds. Unusually, their cat-to-cat relationships are often relatively strong, and not as fraught with tension as you'd typically expect. This also goes for their relationships with other animals and, of course, other humans.

While this doesn't apply to every Maine coon, you may find that your kitty is more than willing to show hospitality to an unknown guest than if it had been, say, a British shorthair. Because of their love of attention and cuddles, Maine coons often struggle with separation anxiety if left alone too much.

Cat owner's kisses hilariously rebuffed by spicy calico kitty!
Cats Cat owner's kisses hilariously rebuffed by spicy calico kitty!

If you work all day every day, then it is best to adopt two Maine coons so they can keep each other company. This should make them feel happier and more secure, and allow them to lead a more fulfilling and pleasurable life. Plus, you get two cats, so there are really no downsides!

The Maine coon is a big cat with an equally big heart. It will spend time with you constantly and will always want to make all those around it happy. They are true sweethearts!

Maine coon price

Maine coons generally cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Of course, this depends on whether you are adopting from a specialized breeder, a standard pet store, or an animal shelter. The latter will be both free and preferable, as you will be giving an in-need cat a good and loving home.

Maine coon kittens are particularly adorable.
Maine coon kittens are particularly adorable.  © Unsplash/Petrebels

Maine coons are extraordinary and beloved kitties

While not without their own set of challenges, including a penchant to get a little bit obnoxious when left alone, the Maine coon is a cat breed worth its salt. These big, fluffy monsters are cute, sweet, friendly, and cuddle-worthy.

Great with kids, Maine coons are a wonderful cat breed choice for any prospective kitty owner. If you want a cat that'll be happy, cute, and affectionate and have the space, the Maine coon will forever be a good option.

Cover photo: Unsplash/Magali Merzougui

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