Cool cat skates his way to Instagram stardom

Vancouver, Canada - Yeti, a Himalayan cat, is not only cute – he also has a very special talent.

Yeti prefers to move around on a skateboard.
Yeti prefers to move around on a skateboard.  ©

The internet is full of clips of pets showing off their special skills.

Yeti the cat, who is just five months old, is not only a sight to behold with his gorgeous white fur, but is also a gifted skateboarder.

On TikTok and Instagram, his owners regularly upload photos and videos of the fantastic feline riding skateboards.

One of them even ended up on Instagram's official page, giving Yeti's career as an internet star a huge boost.

In the short clip, Yeti hesitantly hops on a skateboard, before realizing that he's actually quite good at this stuff!

Yeti the skateboarding cat goes viral

Yeti has been practicing his tricks for a good month now.
Yeti has been practicing his tricks for a good month now.  ©

Even though he initially looks unsure of himself, Yetti pulls of the ride like a pro skater!

Instagram made him the focus of its weekly series highlighting the best furry influencers the platform has to offer: "On today’s #WeeklyFluff, meet Yeti (@yeti_ready), a 5-month-old white Himalayan kitten, who makes moves around the apartment on his new favorite toy."

That was all it took for the video to skyrocket to 11 million views in just three days.

And the heart emojis are filling up the comments section, too. "A real skater cat," one user wrote, while others called the Yeti's talent "awesome" and "impressive."

"He can skate better than me," one person admitted.

A post on Yeti's Instagram page confirmed that he first got on a skateboard about a month ago, which makes him a real natural!

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