Skilled cat burglar commits the purrfect crime, what she steals will knock your socks off

Internet - Normally, cats present mice or other small animals to their owners, but this feline's hunting instinct is a bit more sophisticated.

Georgia Careless (21) returns the hunted treasures via Facebook.
Georgia Careless (21) returns the hunted treasures via Facebook.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Georgia Careless

Kee Kee the cat regularly brings home clothes she has stolen from unsuspecting neighbors.

So far, Kee Kee has stolen socks, underwear, scarves, bikinis, and even bras. While the cat could care less, her owner Georgia Careless finds the habit a bit embarrassing.

According to the Daily Star, the 21-year-old has started to return some of the more valuable items to their owners via Facebook.

She suspects that Kee Kee sneaks through open windows, doors, and cat flaps of her neighbors' houses, before setting off in search of "prey."

Why the animal is so fond of people's undergarments, nobody knows.

Kee Kee also goes by the nickname Naughty Torty

Kee Kee the cat likes hunting for underwear (symbolic picture).
Kee Kee the cat likes hunting for underwear (symbolic picture).  © sheilaf2002 / 123RF

It's worst in the summer when people have their doors and windows open more frequently. "She's crafty and never seems to get caught," Careless tells the Daily Star. "There was one day where in the space of half an hour she brought us eight pairs of socks, one at a time."

But that's not all. Apparently, Naughty Torty – as she is affectionately called – is friends with a tortoise who shares her food with her. Or a far more likely scenario: the sneaky cat steals the helpless tortoise's snacks. "I'm pretty sure the food items she brings back are from a tortoise that lives a couple of roads up to us and nicks his lunch," says the 21-year-old.

It seems as long as there are cat flaps, Kee Kee will continue her indoor hunting sprees.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Georgia Careless / sheilaf2002/123RF

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