Toddler puts himself in dangerous situation but his caring cat comes to the rescue!

Barranquilla, Colombia - Not all heroes wear capes – and some have four paws and fur!

Hands off the railing! The heroic cat intervenes when the toddler tries to climb the balcony.
Hands off the railing! The heroic cat intervenes when the toddler tries to climb the balcony.  © TikTok/Screenshot/margaritapereira1

A one-year-old toddler named Paulo from Barranquilla, Colombia, and his cat have been making a splash on the internet since Thursday.

Paulo's mother, Margarita Pereira, secretly recorded the heartwarming interaction between her son and his pet, which has since amassed over 1.6 million views, AMOMEUPET reported.

The footage shows the toddler trying to latch onto the railing. While viewers can guess that the young boy's attempts won't be successful, the kitten hedged her bets.

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Like an overprotective parent, she repeatedly pushes the toddler's hands off the railing with her paws as he tries to climb the balcony.

Video goes viral on Twitter

The clip garnered over 200,000 likes on TikTok and was widely shared on other platforms, including Reddit and Twitter.

Over 7 million users watched the video on Twitter within three days, with many praising the cat as a "guardian angel" for its intuitive move to keep the toddler away from the railings.

While some noted the boy could hardly walk and wouldn't even come close to falling, others thought that the situation was actually quite dangerous and chided the mother for not intervening.

"Instead of RECORDING, come save YOUR child!" a Twitter user wrote.

But Margarita Pereira ignored the criticism and has since published more adorable footage of her son and his pet pal.

One thing is for sure: this kid can always count on the protection of his four-legged companion!

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshot/margaritapereira1

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