Who is this cat cuddling with here? Adorable video raises questions for TikTok users

Internet - Adorable! A cat cuddles with her babies. But something's not quite right with this picture. Are these felines really family?

Betty seems pretty content cuddling with these orange kittens.
Betty seems pretty content cuddling with these orange kittens.  © www.tiktok.com/@dork_a_tron21

At first glance, the video taken by TikTok user dork_a_tron21 in her garage is just too darn cute.

The cat, named Betty, is lounging on a cushion in a plastic storage box and looks happily at her owner.

Snuggled up next to the big cat are three little kittens. The orange kittens seem to be just a few days old and content to cuddle.

But wait a minute, something doesn't quite fit. How did this dark brown tabby end up with bright orange babies? It seems that something is amiss.

The woman filming the scene then says: "What are you doing? That's not your babies. Those ain't your babies." Betty just squints her eyes at her owner and doesn't seem bothered.

Then the camera pans to the side and shows the real mommy cat, who looks a lot more like the kittens than Betty does. The owner then adds, "They her babies!"

The internet loves the co-parenting cats

The real mom seems to be really enjoying having some time to herself.
The real mom seems to be really enjoying having some time to herself.  © www.tiktok.com/@dork_a_tron21

But the real feline parent doesn't seem to mind that her offspring are snuggling up to someone else. Maybe she just needed a break.

The video swings back to Betty "They're not yours," the owner repeats. But Betty just looks up and lets out a gentle meow before closing her eyes again. Apparently Betty is quite happy to play the part of mama cat for a bit.

The clip, titled "Betty the baby thief", already has more than 270,000 likes and over 1.1 million views.

TikTok users love the video and think that Betty's babysitting is a huge help. One user wrote, "Orange mama is like 'DON'T INTERRUPT. I HAVE A GOOD THING GOING HERE.'"

Another agreed and commented, "The mama cat was like "MIND YO BUSINESS, KAREN! I NEED A BREAK." A third one thought that the two fur balls have everything worked out: "Co-parenting at the finest."

In the meantime, their owner has also come around to accepting the arrangement. In a second TikTok post featuring the feline family, dork_a_tron21 wrote "First time we saw Betty doing this. She's one cool auntie."

Cover photo: www.tiktok.com/@dork_a_tron21

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