Cold-blooded "burder": TikTok users shocked by pigeons executing one of their own

New York, New York - This is definitely not a video for the faint-hearted.

This pigeon duo just committed a cold-hearted murder!
This pigeon duo just committed a cold-hearted murder!  © Screenshot/YouTube/TrashQuality

What first looked like a few love birds strolling along a train station platform turned into a hair-raising animal crime scene.

Or maybe this is a case of tough justice?

In the clip, the two pigeons are heading straight for the track bed. But wait a second... there's more! They are dragging a third one along with them!

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But why?

Then the tension suddenly rises. As the pigeons are getting closer to the tracks, a train can be heard roaring in the background and the people behind the camera start to scream.

The killer couple, however, couldn't care less. They simply continue to push their victim towards the edge of the abyss.

And then disaster strikes: as soon as the train pulls in, the dastardly duo pushes its victim onto the tracks and flies off.

The screams of horror from onlookers tell you all you need to know about the ending of this tragic episode.

Watch the brutal pigeon murder on YouTube

TikTok users are shocked

"Only in New York," user justthingsiguess captioned the TikTok clip. It has since racked up nearly 15 million views, leaving thousands of users in complete shock.

"Did we just witness a murder?" one asked. "This feels illegal to watch," said another.

However, despite the grisly and somewhat graphic nature of the footage, most of the users were able to joke about it.

"Even pigeon crime rate NY higher," one quipped, while another suggested: "You need to turn this video to the police."

The motive behind this cruel act will probably remain unsolved forever. One of the viewers however, had an idea: "He probably owed them some bread."

Cover photo: Screenshot/YouTube/TrashQuality

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