A heartbreaking farewell: Dying dog gets one last week of wishes

Dunbar, UK - A dying dog's owner wanted to treat her best friend to a goodie-filled goodbye – and gave him the send-off of a lifetime.

Kofi got a send-off fit for a king.
Kofi got a send-off fit for a king.  © Facebook/Screenshot/tree.gilmore

Fiona Gilmore decided to give her beloved German Shepherd Kofi one last sweet week before he was put to sleep on April 10.

The 11-year-old hound's problems with walking and leg pain had worsened for weeks beforehand.

The Scottish animal trainer, who was a dog mom to Kofi and a second German Shepard named Novak, knew that she couldn't let her four-legged friend go on in any more pain.

"When he was six months old we lived in Italy, we lived in Wales, we travelled around together," Gilmore told the Daily Star.

Soon, she realized that the heartbreaking decision to put her pup down was unavoidable.

"I just wanted to have a nice final week with him rather than wait until he couldn't walk," the owner said.

Gilmore gives her dog a unforgettable farewell

The 46-year-old spoiled her dog with lots of goodies during his last week.

Kofi ate like a king – enjoying steak, salmon, and even a "cake" made of liver and decorated with doggy-approved cream cheese.

Novak, Gilmore's younger dog, is also missing his big brother since his passing.

"They have got me through lockdown," Gilmore gushed about her canine companions.

Just before his death, the dog trainer took Kofi to the beach one last time.

"We have said goodbye with one last walk and a swim in the sea," she said.

Even up to his final moments, "he had a great adventurous life."

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/tree.gilmore

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