A car rolls downhill but this golden retriever comes to the rescue

Internet - Golden retrievers will try to fetch anything – even if it's a car rolling down a driveway!

The golden retriever lends a helping paw.
The golden retriever lends a helping paw.  © TikTok/Screenshots/kmgblu12

TikTok user Kayla Wilson posted a video last month,  showing her dog on a special mission.

The pooch is initially in a Toyota that is being pushed uphill by two men, who are clearly struggling with the job.

Sensing his help was needed, the golden retriever jumps into action. It quickly hops out of the car and joins in the effort. Standing up on its hind-legs, the faithful canine really seems to put its back into it. Kayla is recording from a different vehicle and her fear that the dog might get hurt quickly turns to laughter at what she's witnessing.

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In the end, even this furry superhero can't fight physics, and it quickly gives up. But it's always the thought that counts. As Kayla put it in her caption, "My dog is such a fool - at least he tried to help."

TikTok users give the dog 10 out of 10 for the effort

The dog really wanted to help his humans.
The dog really wanted to help his humans.  © TikTok/Screenshot/kmgblu12

There was quite a bit of danger involved in the daring attempt – the dog was dragging its leash around and it could have gotten snagged under one of the wheels. 

But everything turned out all right. Everyone involved was safe and sound. Even the car was parked in its proper place on the driveway.

Users celebrated the considerate golden retriever in the comments:

  • "He just wanted to help"
  • "The dog is more help than the girl recording."
  • "Oh my goodness! What a good boy!"
  • "This makes me proud. We teach our dogs well in VA"
Even if the pooch wasn't successful in pushing the Toyota, he certainly delivered a huge internet hit.

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshots/kmgblu12

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