Chubby dog gets stuck in door and rips it out

Queensland, Australia - The cute Labrador Drax, otherwise known as "Chonky Boy", is entertaining the internet.

Labrador Drax was suddenly stuck in the dog door.
Labrador Drax was suddenly stuck in the dog door.  © Montage: Screenshot Facebook/Charmaine Hulley‎ (3)

Aussie Charmaine Hulley's Labrador has a bit of a weight problem: he's carrying a few too many pounds to successfully wiggle through the doggy door.  

In the Facebook group Dogspotting Society, Charmaine posted some hilarious pictures of the little mishap that took place a few days ago and announced  that it's probably time for a diet.

According to the Daily Mail, the chubby four-legged friend was just about to play with his mates and ran to the pet door – and promptly got stuck.

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But he did not give up!

Full speed ahead, he simply tore the whole thing off its hinges as he tried to free himself from the frame and ran to his friends, wearing the whole door as an outfit.

Charmaine Hulley revealed that she was probably spoiling her darling too much with treats, and after the incident, she promised to help Drax lose weight: he is now slimming down.

It's probably for the best, especially because the heavy pooch is becoming a hazard for other people's homes. The door he ruined belonged to the owner of Drax's canine playmates. They are much smaller than him, which explains why the dog hatch is nowhere near appropriate for the Lab's size.

Charmaine also revealed the touching story of how Drax came to be such a spoiled princeling. 

A sad past

Charmaine Hulley and her sister rescued Drax from the streets about two years ago. "He was sleeping curled up outside a supermarket all skinny and sad." she wrote.

When she told her partner Taylor about her discovery, the couple decided to take the dog home and fatten it up. Earlier in 2020, Charmaine and Taylor separated and she moved back in with her mother temporarily, where his diet consisted of "lots of human food, steak, and Kentucky Fried Chicken."

"Now he's very happy and warm and loved." dog owner said, and she added, "A little too loved."

Cover photo: Montage: Screenshot Facebook/Charmaine Hulley‎ (2)

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