Dachshund gets a special treat and the internet can't get enough!

Kansas City, Missouri - A small wiener dog got a tiny ice cream treat and gobbled it up with gusto. Pictures of him with his cone went viral, thrilling thousands on Twitter.

Oliver the Dachshund is clearly loving his dog-sized ice cream treat (collage).
Oliver the Dachshund is clearly loving his dog-sized ice cream treat (collage).  © Twitter/Collage/WeRateDogs

This dog's owner, Courtnie Adam, holds the teeny tiny ice cream cone up to the small dog. The pup, named Oliver, enthusiastically licks the frozen treat with his adorable, even smaller pink tongue.

His eyes gleam. Even when the ice cream is gone, the dog still can't seem to get enough.

He grabs the cone with his mouth and holds it upside down as if he is trying to get every last drop out of the waffle.

The Twitter account WeRateDogs reposted the pictures of Oliver and his sweet snack time. They gave them a 12/10 rating.

The internet loved the shots, and more than 100,000 people liked the post.

Courtnie was ecstatic about the feedback. She wrote: "my pup is famous– which is kinda cool"

The internet love this ice cream gobbling dachshund

Many Twitter users commented that they would love to have ice cream with the tiny animal. Others dog owners said their four-legged friends are also ice cream fans and posted pictures of their canines enjoying a frozen treat.

Other users weren't so thrilled that people were giving dogs human food, but as another pointed out, Ben & Jerry's recently launched an ice cream specifically designed for dogs. Perhaps Oliver was enjoying some ice cream made just for doggos!

Cover photo: Twitter/Collage/WeRateDogs

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