Dog gets help, but he's still feeling blue and his rescuers can't figure out why

Rajasthan, India - This dog was rescued from a desperate situation and him was given all the treatment he needed, but he was still down in the dumps. His rescuers couldn't figure out why until they brought him back home.

Thie dog's eye was terribly infected.
Thie dog's eye was terribly infected.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid Unlimited picked up this the male dog because he had a badly infected wound above his eye.

According to the Indian animal welfare organization's Facebook post on Wednesday, the dog's eye infection was starting to spread all over its face when they found him.

Fortunately, the team's treatment kicked in and the wound started to mend. But the dog still seemed depressed.

They tried giving the pup lots of love and extra attention, but that didn't improve the dog's mood.

There was clearly something wrong. The aid workers couldn't get the pouting pooch to wag his tail or stand up straight. Try as they might, they couldn't make him happy.

Even when the dog was healthy again, he still looked sad.
Even when the dog was healthy again, he still looked sad.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

When the dog was discharged, everything became clear

The dog missed his best friend.
The dog missed his best friend.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

The reason for his canine blues finally came to light when the aid workers brought the dog back to the neighborhood they found him in.

As soon as he was back in his familiar surroundings, the stray stood upright and perked up.

The poor dog wasn't just recovering – he was homesick too!

And his mood improved even more as soon as he saw his best friend, a neighborhood boy. He immediately started wagging its tail happily. His rescuers were thrilled to see him full of life again.

The team gave the child medication to care for the dog's wound.

And when they came back to check up on everything a few weeks later, the dog had both his wound and his depression cured!

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

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