Dog has priceless reaction to seeing his favorite toy in the washing machine

Internet - Every once in a while, the favorite stuffed animal needs a good wash. But this seeing his beloved toy spinning around in a washing machine was a really traumatic experience for this golden retriever.

What must this poor pooch be thinking?
What must this poor pooch be thinking?  © Screenshot/Instagram/golden_retrievers1

His look says it all.

"What's happening to my cuddle partner?" the adorable but shocked dog seems to be thinking. His stuffed canine companion is locked in the washing machine behind him, probably taking a much-needed bath.

But the poor pooch isn't really comfortable seeing the toy crammed in there. The handsome hound looks freaked out, eyes popping as he stares into the camera with concern written all over his face.

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The photo was snapped by Grace Wunder and posted by Instagram page golden_retrievers1.

The hilarious post got almost 11,000 likes and made plenty of people laugh.

Users tried to guess what the dog was thinking at the time: "Oh my god I'm next?" was one attempt, while another couldn't resist a pun: "We're in a ruff cycle."

"Buddy! No! What have you done to buddy!" wrote a third user, channeling the disbelief in the golden retriever's expression.

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This isn't the only dog out there who's very much attached to his favorite stuffed animal. Another golden retriever turned into a moping wreck when his owner took away his toy hedgehog for a wash.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/golden_retrievers1

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