Dog's barking mad reaction to an insult terrifies TikTok users

Internet - Don't mess with this Rottweiler! A viral video of the dog's reaction to being given the finger left thousands of TikTok users hiding behind their couches.

This dog won't take it lying down!
This dog won't take it lying down!  ©

"Dude, I'm scared!"

Plenty of the replies under user nolieolie_'s scary TikTok clip expressed similar feelings. In it, the big pooch named Wocky shows exactly what he thinks about being pranked.

Wocky's owner pretends to get him a treat. He makes a convincing show of having something tasty in his closed fist and walks back to the dog, who is lying on a bed and clearly expecting a snack.

But Wocky's mood quickly turns sour when his human opens up his hand to reveal nothing but the middle finger!

Bad idea! Quick as a flash, the offended cranky canine bares his fangs and snaps at the offensive gesture. Luckily, nolieolie_ manages to draw back just in time, but it's a close call.

The startling scene made a big splash on TikTok and only four days after its release, the clip already has more than 11.2 million views and over 2.6 million likes.

A closed fist turns into a middle finger and the calm canine becomes an angry yapper!
A closed fist turns into a middle finger and the calm canine becomes an angry yapper!  ©

TikTok users get a fright

A lot of users were genuinely scared by the unexpected attack. "Oh my god, my phone just learned how to fly," one wrote, while another also admitted to getting a fright: "My heart jumped out of my throat, bro!"

The top comment summed it all up in rhyme: "He protec, he attac, he just wants a snack."

But don't worry, no human or animal was harmed in the making of the video. In a later upload, Wocky finally got his treat too.

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