Reddit user comes for a dog and leaves with a cat after falling in love at animal shelter

Dallas, Texas - On Reddit, user psychicflea wrote about what had happened to him at the animal shelter - and it made everyone's heart melt!

The kitten made some loud mew-sic and the man just had to take it home.
The kitten made some loud mew-sic and the man just had to take it home.  © Screenshot/reddit/psychicflea

Reddit user and dog lover psychicflea came to the shelter for stray animals on Monday. He was supposed to pick up a German shepherd and take it to its foster.

But then something grabbed his attention – and his heart.

"On entering the lobby, I heard this loud, echoing yowling and I had to go see it, if course. Because of Covid there were signs everywhere NOT to touch the animals which only made the yowling louder," he wrote in a post.

Finally, he found out where the plaintive crying was coming from: a little kitten, who also wanted a new home. The little cat's loud purr-formance did its trick: he fell hopelessly in love.

He also posted a charming video of the scene on Reddit.

In the clip, the tiny fur ball meows loudly, stands up on its hind paws, pushes is little nose through the bars and constantly tries to break out of the cage. Clearly, all it wants is to finally go home with someone. 

But what was psychicflea supposed to do now?

The kitten is now called Paw-Varotti

There was really only one choice available: adopting the persistent kitten. "Luckily I had an extra crate with me," he wrote. It seems that everyone was very lucky that day.

The cute clip, which went viral, got over 145.000 upvotes and 2,600 comments in only two days.

Because of its impressive volume, the kitten now goes by the name of Paw-Varotti.

Cover photo: Screenshot/reddit/psychicflea

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