Inventor builds the world's first doggy selfie booth

Los Angles, California - Since taking a selfie without opposable thumbs is pretty difficult, dog selfies usually require a human touch. But inventor Simone Giertz wanted to change that.

The dog Scraps just sniffs around the box at first but then she finds the trigger.
The dog Scraps just sniffs around the box at first but then she finds the trigger.  © Twitter/Bildmontage/SimoneGiertz

Simone Giertz is a successful Swedish YouTuber and a dog owner. She has been sharing her creative, though not always useful inventions since 2013. But her latest idea is pure gold for anyone who loves pet photos.

She built a selfie photo booth for her dog Scraps. All her four-legged friend has to do is go into the booth and step on a pedal that triggers a camera. 

Scraps took a lot of selfies and Simone posted them on Twitter. The internet went wild! The pictures have 233,000 likes so far.

The fluffy pooch seems to have had a lot of fun snapping the photos. There's even one that caught her with her eyes closed, which tends to happen to anyone who sets foot in a photo booth. Twitter users thought the invention was pure genius.

The pictures of Scraps in the photo booth go viral

Simone Giertz shows how she built the booth on YouTube

Scraps gets a treat when she takes a selfie

Simone also uploaded a making-of video on her YouTube channel. In it, she explained that she simply loves dog photos – so why not have them take photos of themselves?

She got the idea while trying to teach her pet to scroll on her phone. Doggy paws are obviously not made for precision, so she realized a much larger button would be necessary: a pedal which activates the camera. Simone then taught Scraps to use it by rewarding her with a treat every time she activated the machine.

The cabin is made out of giant Lego bricks, so it shouldn't be too hard to recreate Simone's gadget – unless she files a patent for her brilliant design.

Cover photo: Twitter/Bildmontage/SimoneGiertz

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