Millions of TikTok users laugh at this dog's reaction to a new arrival

Internet - Some clips only take a few seconds to get you in a good mood, and this one did just that for millions of people.

The German shepherd wasn't too happy about the arrival of a new family member (collage).
The German shepherd wasn't too happy about the arrival of a new family member (collage).  © TikTok/Screenshots/melody_danielle

In saying that, the star of the viral TikTok video uploaded by user Melody Danielle is definitely not in a good mood.

The clip shows one of Melody's two German shepherds lying on the floor, with a look of utter despair on its face. As the dog slowly turns its head to its right, the camera pans to the object of his horror: an adorable little German shepherd pup!

Six million viewers couldn't stop laughing at the reaction of the poor pooch, who is clearly not happy with the new addition to the canine family.

The big goof seems afraid to even look at the puppy and only manages to take a shy peek before turning its head back to the camera with a hundred-yard stare. The caption included by Melody says, "When mom promised she'd never get another puppy."

She also added a plausible explanation in her post: "He thinks he’s been replaced."

Some users feel sorry for the big dog

"The horror!" Melody's German shepherd can barely look.
"The horror!" Melody's German shepherd can barely look.  © TikTok/Screenshot/melody_danielle

To top it all off, Melody also picked the perfect soundtrack for the scene – Gnash's hit I Hate You, I Love You, which features Olivia O'Brien's haunting refrain, "You don't care, you never did. You don't give a damn about me!"

In addition to the avalanche of clicks, the upload got almost a million likes. And although most TikTok users found the whole thing hilarious, there were also some who felt sorry for the depressed dog.

"Give him treat and pet him so he wont think he has been replaced," urged one person who was deeply touched by the pooch's existential crisis.

But never fear – the subsequent videos published by Melody show that any bad feelings have long since disappeared and that all her pets now get along just fine.

All's well that ends well!

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshots/melody_danielle

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